2019-2020 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Certificate in Holistic Health and Wellness

The Holistic Health and Wellness Certificate promotes the acquisition of knowledge and skills that allows for the integration of mind, body and spirit through various healing practices. Participants in the certificate program are encouraged to engage the wellbeing of the whole person through both academic discourse and applied theory. The program of study allows the student to get a broad theoretical overview of the field in the Holistic Approaches to Healing course. This is followed by courses in Mindfulness for Mental Health and Yoga for Emotional and Mental Health, allowing the student to gain applied skills within holistic health practices. The student will then choose a fourth course from among several options which allows them to further their knowledge and skills in another major modality of health and wellness.

Required courses:

CPSYC 1451 Holistic Approaches to Healing

CPSYC 2451 Yoga for Emotional and Mental Health

CPSYC 2453 Mindfulness for Mental Health

Choose ONE of the following:

CARTH 2423 Principles of Art Therapy

CEXTH 2623 Principles of Expressive Arts Therapy

CPSYC 2421 Introduction to Counseling

CEXTH 3402 Expressive Movement and Somatic Psychology