2015-2016 Graduate Academic Catalog

Graduate School of Education

Dear Student:

Our promise is to make you a better teacher along each step of your professional career. Our rigorous programs, combined with high faculty support, will get you ready for the challenges in today’s schools. As a Lesley graduate, you will join a national network of fellow professionals, many of whom are leaders in their schools.

Our initial license programs offer a variety of options from our licensure only programs to a combined program of study leading to dual licenses, such our Master's degree program in elementary education and English as a second language. Our school-based programs include a year-long residency in a school that reflects your interest and/or approach, from a child-centered private school to an urban residency with a multilingual student body. All of our initial license programs get you into schools your first semester so you can gain a wealth of experience before your first year on the job.

We are also proud of our professional or post-license programs, and you can depend on our ability to bring you state of the art understandings from research on effective teaching, which will  allow you to continue to enhance your skills and extend your effectiveness to all of your students. In every case, we work to ensure that you not only know more but are supported in taking that knowledge into the place that matters most to you - your classroom. While demanding, the ability to take courses while teaching allows a direct link from our classroom to your clinical practice, creating conditions where what one learns today can affect a child tomorrow.

Finally, we take accountability for your success seriously. As you will learn from us, the hallmark of great teaching is a relentless focus on analyzing one’s results and figuring out how to get better. Our final promise to you is that we will ask of ourselves the same accountability you will face in your classroom. Through a data-based continuous improvement system, through public reports on our results, and through regular accreditation visits, we will hold ourselves accountable to both you and the public.

So take a look at our programs, our faculty, and our results. Then join our community of learning whose alumni demonstrate excellence in education every day in K-12 schools all across the country. Join us in demonstrating that excellent teachers are the key to ensuring all children reach high levels of achievement.


Jonathon H. Gillette, Ph.D.

Dean, Graduate School of Education