2016-2017 Graduate Academic Catalog

Global Interdisciplinary Studies

The Global Interdisciplinary Studies program at Lesley University aspires to educate in ways that are focused on the greatest needs felt throughout the world, in ways in which do the most good. For us, that means creating sustainable pathways that promote the flourishing of individuals and communities, elevating intersectional global perspectives, and promoting human rights through innovations in leadership, education, health, and social and human services.

Our vision is to offer a low-residency educational experience specifically designed to meet the needs of learning cohorts and their communities all over the globe. To do this, we craft relational partnerships with organizations in countries all over the world, work with them to understand their self-identified needs, and develop curriculum that prepares students to be leaders in addressing those needs. In short, we work to increase access to culturally responsive, contextually-engaged education on a global scale.

The Global Interdisciplinary Studies Program offers 3 Education solutions:

Graduate Degree: MA in Global Interdisciplinary Studies

27 units of which can be adapted to meet partner needs

Graduate Certificate in Global Interdisciplinary Studies

12 units of which can be adapted to meet partner needs

Universal Access Professional Development Education Coursework

Offering 100% flexibility in unit design

For more information regarding partnering with Lesley or developing a cohort, contact:

Jeffery Ansloos

Assistant Professor and Director of the Global Interdisciplinary Studies Program

Lesley University

29 Everett Street

Cambridge, MA

(617) 349-8978