2016-2017 Graduate Academic Catalog

Academic Advising

Academic advising is a priority in the Graduate School of Education (GSOE). Our advising philosophy is grounded in theory, highlighting themes of collaboration, student empowerment, shared responsibility, and support.

All matriculated GSOE students have access to program-affiliated advising teams consisting of a professional academic advisor and a faculty mentor. In collaboration with the associate dean for academic affairs, advising teams strive to continuously improve the quality of student services, strengthen university-wide relationships, and respond to the ever-changing needs of our students.

Academic advisors coordinate all aspects of the advising process and oversee the delivery of services to all GSOE students. They offer advice on a broad range of topics such as university policies, course selection and registration procedures, and Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL) requirements. They also serve as liaisons between their advisees and Lesley’s on-campus support services. Upon acceptance, students are strongly urged to initiate contact with their program’s academic advisor to begin the advising process and program planning.

Faculty mentors help students to define a clear pathway to their chosen career and offer academic support and guidance to help them achieve their professional goals. Faculty mentors are assigned within the first semester, and students are urged to schedule an appointment as early in their program as possible.

Although academic and faculty advisors offer advice and counsel, students ultimately bear the primary responsibility for maintaining ownership over progress in their programs. We encourage students to seek out information; read carefully through all materials regarding grading, academic integrity, and related policies; and take advantage of the many opportunities for support that are available to them to ensure that they are actively participating in all facets of the graduate school experience.