2016-2017 Graduate Academic Catalog

Graduate Certificate in Arts Integration Strategies for Common Core Objectives 15 credits

Appropriate for teachers seeking graduate, professional-license-level courses in Integrated Teaching Through the Arts, or graduate-level professional development courses, this certificate program enhances the individual creativity of teachers and serves as an advanced training for educators who wish to integrate the arts across curriculum to increase student engagement and meet the needs of diverse groups of learners. Through exploration in music, drama, visual arts, movement, storytelling, poetry, and related language arts activities, teachers will create strategies for teaching and learning in their classrooms that focus on reading, writing, speaking, and listening to address Common Core State Standards. These strategies will address multiple learning styles and reach across cultures and languages to address the variable needs of all students.

Program Prerequisite: An Initial license in education, a Professional license in any field, or a Master's degree

Program of Study

Courses may have prerequisites for registration; please check course descriptions before registering.

Required Courses (15 credits):

In this program, EARED 6002 must be taken for 3 credits.

EARED 6100Arts Integration, Literacy, and Common Core


EARED 6002Integrated Arts Strategies for Inclusive Settings


EARTS 6103Literacy and the Arts: Vision and Voice


EARED 5009Drama and Critical Literacy


EARTS 6106Creative Process as Pedagogy



studio art elective chosen in consultation with faculty advisor