2016-2017 Graduate Academic Catalog

Off-Campus Programs in New England and Across the United States

The Graduate School of Education offers Master's degree programs at multiple regional sites in New England and states across the country. In addition, Master's degree programs leading to Initial and Professional licenses are offered off campus in Massachusetts. All programs are approved by the appropriate state agencies. In selected states, Lesley offers licenses or other credentials approved by the appropriate agency separate from or as part of the Master's degree programs. Information on these programs and where they are currently offered may be found on the university website.

Lesley's off-campus programs replicate on-campus offerings. They are taught by faculty from the Graduate School of Education and by other experienced educators who may come from the same part of the country or region where the program is offered. Students in these programs, like their on-campus counterparts, use their own professional settings to implement and evaluate the theories and practices addressed in their programs.

A particular characteristic of the off-campus programs is that students form a close-knit group that progresses through the same sequence of courses together. Graduates of these off-campus programs often cite the professional support and exchange of educational expertise generated by their cohort group as one of the great advantages of this model of graduate teacher education.