2016-2017 Graduate Academic Catalog

Graduate Certificate in Navigating Our Digital World 15 credits

Technology, Society, and Schools

In this program, participants will examine how technology is changing every aspect of our lives—how we learn, create, work, study, and play. Courses address social, ethical, and pedagogical issues that impact teachers, students, and schools, both inside and beyond the classroom. Areas explored include the educational issues of game creation, social networking, global learning, cyberbullying, and individual privacy. Hands-on experiences will promote the integration of technologies into the curriculum and classroom.

This certificate program may also be used as a specialization to fulfill some of the requirements for the M.Ed. Individually Designed Program for Educators and the M.Ed. in Educational Technology.

Program Prerequisite: Bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university

Program of Study

Courses may have prerequisites for registration; please check course descriptions before registering.

Required Courses (15 credits):

ECOMP 6012Cyberbullying in Schools: Awareness, Prevention & Intervention


ECOMP 6019Social Media and Education


ECOMP 6022Global Learning: Teach the World in Your Classroom


ECOMP 6101Technology: Facilitating Change for Education


ECOMP 6016Teaching and Learning with Digital Media