2016-2017 Student Handbook

Disturbing the Peace/Hazardous Behavior

Loud and disruptive behaviors, both inside and outside of University buildings, are not permitted. Students who engage in behaviors that prevent other students or University neighbors from being able to reasonably enjoy the quiet of their residence will be subject to appropriate sanction(s). Skateboarding and other disruptive gatherings are not permitted and should not happen in driveways, on sidewalks, or in parking lots that are adjacent to residential buildings after 8:00 p.m. The University is located within a residential community and students’ behavior should not disrupt other members of our community.

Fire Safety

In the event of fire, sound the nearest fire alarm and contact Public Safety, the Community Advisor, or Resident Director. Intentional misuse of any University fire-safety equipment is prohibited. All students must promptly vacate any University space when a fire alarm is sounded. Intentionally delaying, obstructing, or resisting any University personnel or firefighter in the performance of his or her duty is prohibited.

Screen Removal

For safety reasons students may not remove screens from the windows in the residence halls. Students will be subject to a fine and other sanctions as deemed appropriate.

Windows, Balconies, and Rooftops

For safety reasons, students are not permitted on roofs of University buildings or residence halls at any time. Students are not permitted on the White Hall balconies. Any student found on the roof of any University building will be in violation of the Community of Standards and will be fined and will be sanctioned accordingly. The student will also be held liable for the cost of repair in the event of any damage.

Throwing or dropping objects from windows or balconies from any campus building potentially endangers the lives and safety of our community and is not allowed. Windows and balconies may not be used in points of entrance or egress.