2016-2017 Student Handbook

Information Technology

815 Somerville Avenue, 2nd Floor



Information Technology is Lesley’s central information technology organization. Our mission is to support the use of technology to strengthen the academic experience. We provide an array of services and facilities including wireless network access, myLesley, LOIS, email accounts, and labs and classrooms outfitted with audio/visual equipment and computers.

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
Lesley’s electronic environment includes the use of computers, computer networks, the Internet, and electronic communication (i.e. electronic mail, telephone, voice mail and faxes). These services are essential for research, instruction, and administration.

The purpose of the Lesley Acceptable Use Policy is to address those aspects of the electronic environment that are specific to computer use, electronic communication, and computer networks. The AUP applies equally to users who access the system on- and off-campus.

For the complete text of the AUP, please visit the Lesley Intranet at http://intranet.lesley.edu/it/ under “downloads” on the bottom right hand section of the page.

Technology Services

For more information about any of the Lesley University Technology Services, please visit our Intranet site at https://intranet.lesley.edu/it/. 

Lesley University Technology Services require authentication using your Lesley username and password, which is managed via the self-service password management page at https://mp.lesley.edu.

If you need assistance with any Lesley Technology Services please email us at it@lesley.edu or call Information Technology at 617.349.8770.