2016-2017 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Certificate of Foreign Language Study

Advanced training in a foreign language is a valuable component of a liberal arts education; it allows students to employ another language in cultural exchange, research and work. For students pursuing a double major in Liberal Arts and a professional field such as Education or Arts Therapy, job opportunities will be greatly enhanced. To foster such training, the Humanities Department offers a Certificate in Foreign Language Study. Languages in which certificates are offered are Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, American Sign Language, and Chinese, and the specific requirements are listed below. The award of a Foreign Language Certificate will be noted on the student’s transcript and in a printed certificate.

Each language certificate program consists of four courses of language instruction beyond the first-year level and/or courses taught primarily in the foreign language. At least two of these courses must be at the third-year level or beyond. Appropriate courses taken in approved programs of study out of residence for which the student receives Lesley degree credit may be counted toward a certificate.

Students must complete all courses to count toward the certificate with letter grades of B– or better. Regardless of the level at which a student enters a language program at Lesley, all certificates require the completion of four courses taken at Lesley or counted for Lesley degree credit.

Students who plan to satisfy the requirements for a Foreign Language Study Certificate must complete a Foreign Language Certificate Study Plan with the Foreign Language Coordinator and file this form with the registrar no later than the deadline for filing the intent to graduate forms in their final semester in the college. Students are encouraged to file their intention to satisfy the requirements for a Foreign Language Certificate as early as the declaration of a major. Students will benefit from planning ahead and taking courses in consecutive terms, so as not to lose ground between language courses; this is especially important at the early stages of language study. Students planning their courses around a study-abroad or work-abroad experience should consult with the Foreign Language Coordinator beforehand, as their language experience abroad may count toward the language certificate.

Spanish Minors are not eligible for a certificate in Spanish but they could obtain one in any other of the languages offered.

Four courses or 12 credits of language instruction beyond the first-year level, at least two of which must be at third-year level or beyond.