2017-2018 Graduate Academic Catalog

Independent Study Courses

The option to design and complete a suitable independent project that does not duplicate an on-campus course offering is available in most degree programs. When appropriate, an on-campus course offering may be completed as an independent study under the individual guidance of a faculty member.

Off-campus degree students may be given the option of completing a course through an independent study by their academic advisor if the student misses an offering. The independent study credit must be used toward a Lesley University degree or certificate. If an independent study course is desired, the student is responsible for planning the project, obtaining approval of the appropriate school dean or designee, and arranging for supervision by a particular faculty member. Faculty members have the right to decline the request for an independent study; however, every effort is made to accommodate a student’s independent study request.

The student must complete and submit the Independent Study Course Contract, available by mail from the Office of the University Registrar or from the school/program office. Please note the registration deadlines for filing an Independent Study Course Contract are published in the academic calendars. The project title for an independent study will appear on a student’s transcript once official grades have been recorded. For tuition rates contact the Student Accounts Office via email at studentaccounts@lesley.edu.

Students in the doctoral program should refer to the Ph.D. program student handbook for independent study information pertaining specifically to doctoral students.

Independent Study Outside Lesley Ph.D. Program

With prior approval of their senior advisor and the Advanced Graduate Council, Ph.D. students can arrange to do scholarly activities outside of Lesley University. Students must submit an Independent Study Course Contract and register for EAGSR 7500. This work may include workshops, seminars, institutes, conferences, and independent study with faculty members who are not core or adjunct faculty at Lesley University. The senior advisor and the director of the Ph.D. program must sign all work under the Independent Study Course Contract.