2017-2018 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Grading System

Grades are issued at the end of each semester according to the following system:

A= Excellent

B= Good

C= Fair

D= Poor

F= Failing

W= Withdrawal

AW= Administrative Withdrawal

NA= Never Attended

P= C- or better (under Pass/Fail option)

F= D+ or less (under Pass/Fail option)

I= Incomplete

Repeating courses

A student may repeat any course once unless the student has earned a B- or greater in this course. A student will accrue no credit for courses in which the student receives a grade of "F" and a student will receive credit for a course only once. If a student repeats a course, both grades will be recorded on the student’s permanent academic transcript, but only the most recent (not necessarily the highest) grade will be used to compute the student’s GPA.

Pass (P)

This grade applies only to courses which are offered on a Pass/Fail basis and to courses in which the student elects the Pass/Fail option by the end of the drop/add period. To earn the grade of "Pass" on the Pass/Fail option, a student must earn the equivalent letter grade of C- or better. A grade of D+ or less will be awarded a grade of "Fail."

Incomplete (I)

In exceptional cases, students who have successfully completed 75% of course requirements but experience an unanticipated event beyond their control that interferes with their ability to complete the course requirements before the end of the term or semester, may be granted a temporary letter grade of "I" (Incomplete) at the instructor's discretion. Incomplete grades are not automatic nor guaranteed. The student and instructor must complete and sign a Contract for the Completion of Incomplete Work form.

Students with two or more outstanding "Incomplete" grades may not register for the following semester. Responsibility for completion of the work rests with the student. The deadline for completion can be no later than the end of the following semester. Contracted work not completed by that time is recorded as "F" (Failing). 

An incomplete grade request must be 1) initiated by the student before the end of the semester/ term in which the course is taken or by a date set by the instructor in the course syllabus, 2) agreed to by the instructor, and 3) committed to in writing by completing, signing, and filing a Contract for Completion of Incomplete Coursework (Incomplete Contract). Students should be prepared to provide documentation of their circumstances when submitting a request. Incomplete Contracts are available through the Office of the University Registrar (all students) or assistant director for academic advising (graduate students) and must be completed by the student and instructor. Completed contracts will be disseminated by the division chair to the relevant offices as indicated on the Incomplete Contract. 

Remaining course requirements must be completed in accordance with the Incomplete Contract. Course instructors will set deadlines for the completion and submission of outstanding course requirements. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that all work is completed and submitted within the established deadlines.

In all cases, the incomplete grade must be changed no later than the grading deadline for the subsequent semester/term (e.g., fall semester incomplete grades must be changed by the posted grading deadline in the Academic Calendar for the following spring semester's courses; fall term 1 incomplete grades must be changed by the posted grading deadline in the Academic Calendar for fall term 2 courses.) The changing of an “I” to an academic grade is relayed from the instructor to the Office of the University Registrar via the Change of Grade Form.

An “I” grade that is not resolved within the time frames indicated above will automatically become a grade of “F” (Failing). If the course is a requirement and a passing grade was not earned, the student must repeat the course at the current tuition rate to earn a passing grade. The policy regarding incomplete grades remains in effect regardless of the student’s withdrawal or leave of absence status. No grade changes are accepted after graduation. Students who receive two or more successive incomplete grades will be subject to an academic review to determine eligibility for continued enrollment.

In those exceptional cases in which a student wishes to request an extension of the incomplete course contract beyond the original time frame, the student must submit a written request to the faculty member and the program/division director. The extension request must be submitted before the due date on the original incomplete course contract. Extensions are not guaranteed and extension requests submitted after the original deadline will not be reviewed. Further extensions will not be considered.

Grading Scale

On a scale of 0 – 100, individual grades correspond to the following:

93 - 100
A- 90 - 92
B+ 87 - 89
B 83 - 86
B- 80 - 82
C+ 77 - 79
>C >73 - 76
C- 70 - 72
>D+ 67 - 69
D 63 - 66
D- 60 - 62

Withdrawal (W)

This grade indicates that the student has withdrawn from the course prior to the twelfth week of the semester, and the second week for a term-based course. The grade of "W" is recorded on the transcript but the student's cumulative grade point average is not affected.

Administrative Withdrawal (AW)

"AW" is an administrative grade assigned to students who have attended no more than the first two classes, but who have not officially dropped or withdrawn from the course. Students who stop attending after the second class, but who fail to withdraw by the published University withdrawal deadline must be assigned a letter grade. If student conduct in class rises to a level where it interferes with the ability of the faculty member to teach, the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences reserves the right to administratively withdraw, with prior written notice, any student who interferes with the teaching/learning process. The grade "AW" is recorded on the transcript, but the student's grade point average is not affected.

Never Attended (NA)

"NA" is an administrative grade assigned to students who are officially registered for the course and whose name appears on the grade roster, but who have never attended, or logged into, a class.