2017-2018 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

CLITR 3500 The New York School and the American Avant-Garde in the 1950s

This course will examine the ways in which New York City, as the new center of the art world, served as a sort of laboratory for the avant-garde experimentation that defines the art and literature of that time. We will contextualize the New York bohemian tradition and the cultural milieu of the 50s, examine the shift from Paris to New York as center analyze the various strains" of the New York avant-garde in the 1950s consider the multiplicity of art forms influenced by this avant-garde exchange (music film dance) uncover the lesser known artists and writers of the time (African Americans in the New York School female painters and poets etc.) as well as consider how these major movements ceded to Pop Art in the visual realm and the Beat Generation in the literary.





CLITR 1100