2019-2020 Adjunct Faculty Handbook

Purpose of the Handbook

The Office of the Provost maintains the Adjunct Faculty Handbook, as well as the Core Faculty Handbook and Management Faculty Handbook. This Adjunct Faculty Handbook is offered as a resource for adjunct faculty members who teach at Lesley University. The Handbook provides general guidance with regard to many university policies, including conduct policies, academic policies, and employment policies.

Faculty members are reminded that both they and the University have other rights and responsibilities as set forth in the Employee Handbook. We hope that you will familiarize yourself with the contents of this handbook as well as the Employee Handbook.

The Handbook does not alter, augment, or create a different contract of employment other than what the faculty member and Lesley University have specifically agreed to and memorialized in writing. This handbook does not confer enforceable rights to any faculty member. Lesley retains the exclusive rights to change the contents of this Handbook periodically and unilaterally. When changes do occur, the Office of the Provost will make every effort to update the web site https://www.lesley.edu/faculty-staff but faculty should check it regularly for information. We also invite you to visit the Human Resources page to stay informed about developments affecting Lesley University employees.

The Office of the Provost and other offices at the University send important information, including updates to this handbook, by email to faculty Lesley email addresses. All faculty members must check their Lesley email accounts on a regular basis.