2019-2020 Graduate Academic Catalog

General information

There are three semesters of acceptance for most Cambridge-based programs at Lesley University: fall, spring, and summer. Online and off-campus programs can begin in one of six terms. Admission to most Lesley University programs operates on a rolling basis with recommended deadlines. Most applications are accepted throughout the year and admissions decisions are determined once all application requirements have been met. Applicants should contact the Office of Graduate Admissions, or refer to the website at lesley.edu/admissions-aid/how-to-apply/graduate-programs, regarding programs with deadlines or recommended submission dates.

Students are encouraged to submit applications early. International applicants should also pay strict attention to application deadlines and plan accordingly. All application materials submitted to the Office of Graduate Admissions become the property of Lesley University and cannot be returned to the applicant or forwarded to another institution. Applicants are advised to keep a copy of their completed application form and written personal statement for their records. Lesley reserves the right to make changes in the application process or to request additional information, including an interview, from an applicant in order to evaluate the application for admission.

After an application has been reviewed, the Office of Graduate Admissions will notify the applicant in writing about his or her admission status. Only this official written notification signed by the director of admissions communicates an applicant’s admissions status.

Admitted students to on-campus programs must submit a deposit of $200.00 and enrollment contract to officially enroll in a program.

Admission actions range from:

  • Admitted: This category grants the applicant admission by means of an official letter of acceptance. Admission permits the applicant to enroll as a degree candidate. Formal admission is contingent upon successfully meeting all admissions criteria. Applicants who wish to make any changes to their application, including name and address, must contact the Office of Graduate Admissions. Accepted and enrolled students should also notify their academic school and the Registrar’s Office of any changes.
  • Conditionally Admitted: Applicants who are conditionally admitted must meet the condition(s) as stated in their letter of admission. If they fail to meet the condition(s), they will not be allowed to continue in their program or graduate from Lesley University.
  • Not Admitted: Applicants who do not meet the admission criteria will receive an official letter of notification. Applicants who have been denied admission must wait one year before reapplying for admission.
  • Deferred Admission: Applicants who are accepted to a graduate degree program are expected to enroll in the semester to which they have applied. An accepted applicant must request a deferral by submitting the Deferral Request Form, found on lesley.edu/accept. Accepted applicants must specifically state what unexpected circumstances or events have occurred that will prevent them from starting their program in the term to which they were originally admitted.  Requests are reviewed by the program director and the director of graduate admissions. Candidates will be notified within 10 business days of submission of the form.  If a deferral is approved prior to the submission of an enrollment deposit, the candidate will be expected to pay the non-refundable deposit in order to finalize the deferral.  Deferrals are granted for no more than one year.  The deferral of a scholarship offer is made at the discretion of the department. 
  • All applicants not granted a deferral will have their documents retained in the Office of Graduate Admissions for twelve (12) months, in case they choose to reapply. An accepted applicant who fails to enroll within one year is required to submit a new application, application fee, and supporting materials.