2019-2020 Graduate Academic Catalog

CSTEM 5107 Measurement and Data

Measurement and Data is a mathematics content course designed by Lesley University Center for Mathematics Achievement which will focus on exploring the role of measurement and data in mathematics and the world around us. This course focuses on the development of measurement models as outlined in the Common Core State Standards, the necessity for precision in measurement, linear and spatial measurement, nets and cubic prisms. As indicated in the CCSS-M students will convert within same units and among different units. Students will explore area, perimeter, and volume. They will think about volume in reference to the area of the base of a given figure and the number of layers that make up that object. The course will develop the concepts using multiple representations and through problem solving. Individual and group problem solving tasks will permit students to observe, analyze and contrast various representations and discuss the advantage of each. Each student will keep a learning log noting insights into his or her own understanding of measurement and data and the various ways in which they might be represented. A portfolio will also be developed illustrating what each student learned.