2019-2020 Graduate Academic Catalog

ITHPH 7500 Thesis Studio Seminar

Students will propose a thesis topic during the mid- year critique at the end of the third semester that must be approved by the jury including the Director of the MFA in Photography, faculty, and visiting artist(s). The approval of the thesis topic by the jury in the mid-year critique will be the gateway to the thesis. Students will work with a thesis advisor(s) in their fourth and final semester to produce a 5,000 to 10,000 word written thesis and visual portfolio. Combining a variety of research on multiple aspects of historical and contemporary art, the written thesis is a comprehensive and contextual examination of ideas and interests presented in the visual thesis exhibition. Integrating the critical, historical, and cultural concepts that inform their own life experience and artistic production, this thesis locates their work within the current cultural/historical continuum and reflects the previous semesters of investigation. The thesis paper is submitted for review to be assessed by a jury of core faculty and visiting artist scholars, and is considered an integral element of the degree. The written and visual components of the thesis are dependent upon one another and successful completion of both is requisites for graduation.