2019-2020 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Course Load

CLAS: The prescribed four-year course load is five to six courses per semester (15–18 credits). To meet the minimum academic requirements of 120 credits, a student must average 30 credits each year, which is 15 credits per semester. It is the student's responsibility to monitor the number of credits completed each year as they relate to progress towards graduation.

LA+D: Students must complete 123 credits to earn the BFA. Visual art students should take an average of 15 – 18 credits per semester. LA+D students may elect to take the minimum number of credits per semester (12) with the understanding it will take longer than four years to earn the BFA.

LCAL: Adult learners often find that part-time study is the best fit. Depending therefore on the number of credits transferred, the number of credits needed to complete, and the number of credits taken each semester, completion times for part-time adult learners vary significantly and depend on each student’s unique situation.