2019-2020 Undergraduate Academic Catalog


Lesley welcomes associate degree holders from all colleges. Students with an earned associate degree who meet Lesley's admission criteria are eligible to transfer all credits earned toward the associate degree to apply to the Lesley bachelor's degree. Students are still required to meet all major requirements including minimum GPA and required benchmark grades for certain courses in specified majors.

Additionally, Lesley has facilitated the transfer of credits for students entering Lesley from Massachusetts community colleges. Students who have earned associates degrees that include the "MassTransfer" designation are able to transfer all credits earned toward the degree and will be deemed to have met Lesley’s lower division general education foundation requirements through the transfer of the MA general education foundation block. Students may be required to take an additional 6 credits at Lesley (to be determined in conjunction with the student’s advisor) to fully meet Lesley’s general education and depth of study foundation depending on the students' intended program of study.