2019-2020 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Transfer Credit

Degree programs require a minimum of 120 credits for graduation; BFA degree programs require 123 credits. Students may transfer a maximum number of 90 credits into the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and 66 credits into the College of Art and Design. Transfer credits are accepted from regionally accredited colleges/institutions.

We send a tentative credit evaluation to transfer students along with their acceptance letter. Incoming freshmen who provide an official college transcript when submitting their application file will also receive a tentative credit evaluation.  In determining which credits may transfer, every effort is made to match courses with their Lesley degree equivalents.  College-level courses with grades of C or better are eligible for transfer credit. Students who transfer in a full Associate’s degree may receive credit for grades of D or better. Courses taken for a pass/fail grade will be eligible for transfer with a "P" grade.

Your credit evaluation provides an estimate of the number of credit hours and semesters needed to complete your degree program at Lesley. These calculations are the result of dividing the number of credits you have left to complete by the average number of credits taken during a typical semester at Lesley (15). This is an estimate only.  It will take longer to complete your degree if you take less than 15 credits each semester. Course availability, prerequisites, timing of scheduled courses, completion of MTELs for Education majors, and required internships/field placements may also increase the amount of time it takes to complete your degree.


15 credits = 2nd semester freshman

30 credits = 1st semester sophomore

45 credits = 2nd semester sophomore

60 credits = 1st semester junior