2019-2020 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Refunds of Credit Balances

Over-payment, scholarship credits, adjustments and financial aid payments may result in a credit balance on the student account. If an account indicates a credit balance, it will be refunded to the student. Federal Stafford Loan and private loan payments resulting in a credit balance will be refunded within 10 – 14 days of the date the credit appears on the student account. Credits resulting from a Federal Parent PLUS Loan will be refunded to the parent listed as the borrower, unless otherwise noted in the application.

Lesley University students are enrolled in the Student Account Center (SAC) and eRefunding with lesley.afford.com.  When enrolled, an email from lesley.afford.com is sent to the student’s Lesley email address prompting the student to register in the SAC and select their desired refund preference.  Preference options include ACH, which deposits the student refund directly into their chosen bank account, and a prepaid VISA debit card.  After completion of the enrollment process, an email will be received by the student confirming the preference chosen.