2019-2020 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Early Childhood Teacher 45 credits

Early Childhood/ Early Intervention 51 credits

This major leads to initial licensure as a teacher of early childhood, grades PreK–2. Students completing the major may qualify for a variety of positions involving work with young children in nursery schools, kindergartens, and grades one through two. Within the major, students study ways of meeting children's special needs in regular early childhood settings.

Students in the Early Childhood Major must choose a liberal arts major to complement their professional study. Students may choose from thirteen liberal arts fields:

  • Biology
  • Children, Youth, & Family Studies
  • Creative Writing
  • English
  • Earth and Environmental Science
  • Environmental Studies
  • Global Studies: Politics, Culture, and Society
  • History
  • Mathematical Studies
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Sociology and Social Change
  • Spanish

This program requires a minimum of 150 hours of practicum work at the preschool/kindergarten level OR a minimum of 200 hours of practicum work in grade 1 or 2 during the junior year. The senior practicum is a semester experience at the level not chosen for the junior practicum.

Students working toward an Early Childhood Education licensure with an Early Intervention Specialization should refer to the Education Specializations section.

Degree Requirements

I. Required core:

CEDUC 1352Teaching, Learning and Social Responsibility


CEDUC 2351Early Childhood Education


CEDUC 2401Literacy Learning


CEDUC 3373Developmental Experiences in Mathematics and Science


CEDUC 3395Literature for Children


CEDUC 3420Language Arts, Social Studies and Technology


CEDUC 4188Sheltered English Instruction: Pre-K - 6


CEDUC 4360Working with Parents and Children in Integrated Early Childhood Settings


CEDUC 4721Senior Practicum and Seminar in Early Childhood Education


Required benchmark grades: 

CEDUC 1352: C or higher

CEDUC 2351 and CEDUC 2401: C+ or higher

Choose ONE:

CEDUC 3702Junior Practicum and Seminar in Early Childhood Education


CEDUC 3704Junior Practicum and Seminar in Early Intervention


CEDUC 3702 must be taken concurrently with CEDUC 3373 and CEDUC 4360

CEDUC 3704 must be taken concurrently with CEDUC 3429 and CEDUC 3373

Students specializing in Early Intervention must take CEDUC 3704

CEDUC 3704 has required benchmark grades

II. Liberal Arts Support Courses:

CPSYC 2401Child Psychology


CPSYC 2437Characteristics of Children and Youth with Special Needs