2019-2020 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Special Education Teacher 48 credits

This major leads to initial licensure as a Teacher of Students with Moderate Disabilities (PreK–8). This program focuses on the development of students' potential in an inclusive learning community. Prospective teachers in this major develop expertise in assessment, curriculum design, and instructional techniques that provide access to the learning environment. There is an emphasis on the development of skills that lead to the successful collaboration between special and general education.

The senior practicum will be a full semester experience at one level within a PreK–8 setting serving students with special needs.

Students in the Special Education major must choose a liberal arts major to complement their professional study. Students may choose from twelve liberal arts fields:

  • Biology
  • Children, Youth and Family Studies
  • Creative Writing
  • English
  • Earth and Environmental Science
  • Environmental Studies
  • Global Studies: Politics, Culture, and Society
  • History
  • Mathematics or Mathematical Studies
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Spanish

Degree Requirements

I. Required Courses:

CEDUC 1352Teaching, Learning and Social Responsibility


CEDUC 2401Literacy Learning


CEDUC 3374Teaching Mathematics for the Elementary School Teachers


CEDUC 3379Teaching Geometry, Measurement, and Data


CEDUC 3410Teaching Social Studies and Science from a Problem-Centered Approach


CSPED 2354Special Education


CSPED 3300Developing Accessible Instruction for Struggling Readers and Writers


CSPED 3320Assessment that Develops Potential: Diversity in Cognition and Learning


CEDUC 4188Sheltered English Instruction: Pre-K - 6


CSPED 4420Curriculum Adaptation and Technology


CSPED 4724Senior Practicum and Seminar in Special Education


Required benchmark grades:

CEDUC 1352: C or higher

CEDUC 2401, CEDUC 3374, and CSPED 2354: C+ or higher

Can take either CEDUC 4188 or CEDUC 4189

II. Liberal Arts Support Courses:

CPSYC 2401Child Psychology


CPSYC 2437Characteristics of Children and Youth with Special Needs


Courses Required for Special Education Majors to Meet General Education Distributions.

  • Arts and Humanities: 3 Credits in American History
  • Math/Science (Mathematics): It is recommended that students choose one of the following courses: CMATH 1501 Problem Solving, CMATH 5100 Functions & Algebra, CMATH 6101 Number Theory, CMATH 6107 Number & Operations. Students planning to major in Mathematics may choose any mathematics course for which they have met the prerequisites.
  • Social Sciences: 3 credits in Geography
  • Liberal Arts Electives: One prefix must be CMATH. This requirement may be waived based on the student's performance on the Lesley University Mathematics MTEL screening.