2019-2020 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Foreign Language Minor (Individually-Designed) 15 credits

This minor allows students who have taken language courses at Lesley or at other colleges in the United States or abroad to create a minor that reflects that work. In consultation with the Coordinator of Foreign Languages, Dr. Clara Ronderos, students devise a program of study consisting of upper-level language and culture courses.

The following represent parameters for the Individually-designed Minor in Foreign Languages. Each student will work with the Foreign Language Study Advisor to draw up his/her particular program of study.

Fifteen (15) credits of foreign language and culture courses, only six (6) of which may be at the 2000-level (2nd year language courses). Content areas may include foreign culture/film/literature/history, among others. At least nine (9) credits of coursework at the 3000-level or above are required. A limit of one 3-credit 3000-level or above course in these content areas may be taken in English.

Appropriate AP credit in foreign language or literature may be applied to this minor.