2021-2022 Graduate Academic Catalog

Financial Aid Leave of Absence Policy

A leave of absence is a process designed to allow students to interrupt their academic program for a limited period of time without requiring the student to reapply for admission to the University. During the period of the leave, the student is considered to be on active status with the University.

Students considering taking a leave of absence should meet with a representative of the Financial Aid Office to discuss how the decision will impact your finances and to discuss the completion of the Exit Interview process. Students who are on a leave of absence may enter into their grace period for any Federal Direct Stafford Loan, Massachusetts No Interest Loan, or privately sponsored alternative educational loan that they may have previously borrowed. If the student qualifies, the grace period will begin as of the last day that the student was enrolled in classes on at least a half-time basis (6 credits). If the grace period expires while on a leave of absence, the student will enter the repayment of the loan(s) and will be required to make payments until such time that they return to Lesley as at least a half time student. If the student is experiencing difficulty in repayment of educational loan(s), the student should contact their individual student loan lender(s) to discuss deferment/ forbearance options until they return to school. Upon return to school, on at least a halftime basis, the student's enrollment status will be updated by the Registrar and loans will re-enter an "in-school deferment" status. Repayment will cease and the government will begin paying the interest again on any subsidized loan once the deferment is approved.