2021-2022 Graduate Academic Catalog

Registration Procedures for Financial Aid Recipients

Students notified of eligibility for financial assistance may defer all or part of the semester charges up to the amount of financial aid awarded for the semester. Students relying on financial aid to pay their course expenses must register or pre-register for all semester courses at the beginning of the semester. For the purposes of determining the enrollment status for on-campus students, course credits taken during the January 3-week mini-semester are included with the total number of spring semester credits.

Financial aid awards are subject to change if actual enrollment differs from what is listed as anticipated enrollment on the Award Letter. Students must notify the Financial Aid Office of any enrollment changes in order to avoid delays in financial aid disbursement. For student ease and convenience, we recommend having the Award Letter on hand and using the link to the Financial Aid Enrollment Adjustment Form on Page 2. If financial aid awards are adjusted as a result of enrollment changes, a Revised Financial Aid Award Letter will be mailed to the student.