2021-2022 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Designing the Baccalaureate Program - College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Every student in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences completes a major that combines theory and practice by incorporating study in the liberal arts with field-based experience appropriate to the program of study. Education students seeking initial licensure in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are required to have a liberal arts major in addition to their education major. The solid grounding in the content disciplines that students will teach better prepares them with the knowledge and predispositions to be effective teachers. Education students complete the Education Field Placement, in place of the Experiential Learning component of their liberal arts major. Non-education majors may also choose to double-major in two liberal arts disciplines, again by completing the requirements of each major. Liberal arts double-majors complete the Experiential Learning component for the major that has the greater number of credits. One of the internships should reflect the competencies of the second major. Students considering two majors should contact the respective divisions to determine the feasibility of their specific combination.

All majors incorporate liberal arts coursework and field-based experience appropriate to the program of study. The curriculum in all majors is designed to provide each student with in-depth professional and liberal arts preparation in one's chosen field of interest. Students may also combine majors and minors to develop skills and knowledge in multiple areas. Self-designed majors provide opportunities for self-directed individuals to fashion a unique program of study that best satisfies their interests and goals.