2021-2022 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

IDFLM 2220 Editing Intensive

This course is for students who want to make films that look and sound professional. Students will gain background knowledge of the history and evolution of editing theory and technique. Students will be introduced to a range of skills beginning with best practice standards for organizing and preparing footage for the editing process. You will be shown how to edit video footage and audio files using advanced editing techniques. You will be shown techniques and methods for creating titles, working with special effects, color correction and color grading. Students will explore different editing approaches in order to create unique visual designs for film. Students will create, arrange and mix a final audio soundtrack, and complete three editing projects and a fourth project of their own design for their final project. Having the ability to create great looking, compelling visuals and quality audio in a film immediately engages the viewer and promotes a students work into the level of a professional rather then an amateur. Shooting great footage is just a first step in creating a compelling story, without proper editing and quality audio it will never attain its full potential for being a work of quality.