2021-2022 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

IDFLM 4210 Thesis Seminar I

By the time you arrive to your final year, you will be expected to have chosen a particular emphasis in which we will spend the rest of the year honing.  A production team will be created and each student will serve in the several roles.  A short script script will be created, and pre-production will ensue.  Throughout the semester, you will be creating either a documentary or a narrative film for submission to various festivals in order to making it your calling card.  Here you will deal with pre-production, and production while preparing for post-production to be completed next semester.  Emphasis will be given to refining cinematic language, storytelling, how to prepare a shooting script, create storyboard, scout locations, cast talent, rehearse, block and direct actors and crew in a dramatic film or a documentary short. Once pre-production is completed (securing locations, actors, equipment, production schedule)  you will enter the production phase.  At the end of the semester you will be evaluated by a jury of faculty.  During presentation to the jury, you are expected to present evidence of how your, including paper work like director’s statement/ vision, a cinematographer’s visual treatment, production design color pallets, shot list, script continuity daily reports, 1st AD production schedule, day out of days, and producer’s breakdown.