2021-2022 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

INTGR 1665 Image in Context

Image in Context is a Foundation course based in interdisciplinary practice. The course investigates both the image -- whether found, captured, created, or manipulated -- and its various contexts inclusive of fine arts, pop culture, sub-culture and/or specifically designed for purely communicative purposes. This is a studio course intended to introduce students to fundamental image making establishing the basic formal elements by practice. Through assignments and projects, students will address the following questions: How do images/objects function in our society? How do they accumulate and accrue meaning? How is our understanding of an image shaped by its context? How do different technologies mediate our engagement with images/objects? How do artists and designers use and think about imagery" in their work? Students should see this course as a way to introduce and articulate their ideas through the work that they make and the imagery they archive."