2015-2016 Student Handbook

Counseling Center

Doble Hall, 3rd floor
617.349.8578 Fax

Magi McKinnies, Director, Counseling Center

The Lesley University Counseling Center support students’ pursuit of social and emotional growth as an integral part of the educational experience. Our staff uses a wellness model and our focus is on the mind, body and spirit of our students. Toward this aim, short-term counseling, evaluation, and referral are available for students in degree programs. Counseling sessions are confidential and are not recorded on academic records. Counselors provide services around a wide range of mental health concerns including self-esteem, relationship issues, family problems, concerns related to eating and body image, depression, anxiety, drug and/or alcohol abuse, and past or recent trauma or feeling overwhelmed. Our staff is sensitive to issues of culture, ethnicity, spirituality, sexual orientation, body image, gender identity, disability, and learning differences. Students in need of, or desiring, long-term counseling will be referred to outside specialists. Students have the option of utilizing expressive modalities, including art, writing, and sand tray.

The Cambridge office is open daily, Monday through Friday, with evening times available. The hours of the center are posted on the office doors.

Appointments can be made by calling 617.349.8545 or by coming to the offices directly. If no one is available to assist you, please leave a message in the designated box on the door of the office. During summer and vacation times, the Center is open on a limited basis. For more information, please call 617. 349.8545, or visit our website at http://intranet.lesley.edu/counseling-center/.