2015-2016 Student Handbook

Community Standards of Conduct

Purpose: To identify behavioral standards for all members of the Lesley University community. 

Scope: This policy applies to all members of the Lesley University community, including faculty, adjunct faculty, staff, students, vendors, contractors, consultants, guests, and visitors. 

Policy Statement: Lesley University respects the dignity of every individual and expects members of the Lesley University community to: 

  • Exercise behavior that is respectful to self, others, and property; 
  • Conduct themselves in a manner compatible with the University’s mission as an educational institution; 
  • Understand that behavior that creates an intimidating, disruptive, or hostile environment for any member of the University community or in any activity related to Lesley, either on or off campus, violates the Community Standards of Conduct; 
  • Know that any illegal activity or any conduct underlying an investigation, arrest, or indictment, regardless of the outcome of any criminal investigation or prosecution, or other legal proceeding, and regardless of whether it occurred on or off campus, violates the Community Standards of Conduct; 
  • Know that conduct, either on or off campus, that adversely affects or has the potential to adversely affect, the University or members of the University community, violates the Community Standards of Conduct; 
  • Refrain from injuring, threatening to injure, or taking action that might injure another person one. A few examples of such unacceptable behavior include: 
    • Verbally abusive behavior; 
    • Intimidation through direct or implied threats; 
    • Throwing objects, whether or not a person is the direct target; 
    • Physically touching another person in an intimidating, malicious, or harassing manner, including hitting, poking, kicking, pinching, grabbing and pushing; 
    • Physically intimidating others including such acts as obscene gestures, shouting, fist shaking, and/or blocking egress; and 
    • Conducting a series of acts over a period of time and making threats with the intent to place a person in fear of death or bodily injury (i.e. stalking). 
  • Refrain from damaging or threatening to damage another’s property; 
  • Avoid any activity that poses a significant risk to the health or safety of any member of the University’s community or a member of the public; and 
  • Comply with applicable University policies, rules, and regulations. Examples of University policies include: 
    • Discrimination, Harassment, and Sexual Violence Policy 
    • Unequal Consensual Relationship Policy 
    • Student Alcohol and Illegal Drugs Use Policy 
Each member of the University community is responsible for understanding and complying with all University policies, rules, and regulations applicable to him or her, and for upholding these Community Standards of Conduct. 

Reporting: It is the obligation of the members of the Lesley University community to report violations of these Standards to one of the people listed below. Any reported violation will be promptly investigated. 

Investigation and Sanctions: The University will investigate all good faith reports of violations of these Community Standards of Conduct. The University’s investigations and sanctions will proceed even if the persons involved are on leave from or not currently engaged with the University. Depending on the circumstances, the University may take immediate, interim action pending the conclusion of an investigation. The University may immediately remove anyone from the campus or from any University-sponsored event if the person’s behavior is disrupting any classroom or educational environment, work environment, or any University-sponsored event, is threatening to the health or safety of any person, or may damage property. The University, at its discretion, may also remove someone from campus or prohibit someone from attending a University-sponsored event during the course of an investigation. 

In the event of alleged unlawful behavior, or as deemed necessary in any emergency situation, the University may notify the Lesley University Office of Public Safety and the appropriate law enforcement agency. 

The University may suspend, dismiss, or otherwise discipline any member of the Lesley University community for violations of the Community Standards of Conduct. Dismissal may occur even on a first offense, depending on its severity. 

Report suspected violations of the Community Standards of Conduct to any of the following people: 

Dr. Barbara J. Addison Reid

Director of Equal Opportunity and Inclusion/Title IX Coordinator

Office of the President

29 Everett Street

Cambridge MA 02138

617 349-8507

Email: baddison@lesley.edu

Email: equalopportunity@lesley.edu

Ms. Marylou Batt

Vice President of Administration

29 Everett Street

Cambridge MA 02138

617 349-8564

Email: mbatt@lesley.edu

Ms. Jane Joyce

Director of Human Resources

29 Everett Street

Cambridge MA 02138

617 349-8785

Email: ajoyce5@lesley.edu

Dr. Nathaniel Mays

Dean of Student Life and Academic Development

29 Everett Street

Cambridge MA 02138

617 349-8539

Email: nmays@lesley.edu

You may also contact Public Safety at:

  • Doble Campus and Brattle Campus: 617.349.8888
  • Lunder Arts Center, Porter Campus:  617.590.6805
  • University Hall, Porter Campus: 617.349.8390

You may also choose to contact local law enforcement by calling 911.  In the case of an emergency, please CALL THE POLICE at 911.

Revised: July 7, 2014