2016-2017 Student Handbook

Campus Mail and Copy Services

29 Everett Street

McKenna Student Center, Lower Level

617.349.8790 or 8980


Chi Tran, Site Manager

All mail for commuting students is sent directly to the home address or local area address that is on file with the Office of the University Registrar. Changes or updates to address information must be filed in writing through the Office of the University Registrar. Additional information regarding campus activities and general announcements will be posted throughout campus.

All resident students are assigned campus mailboxes. For students residing on the Doble campus, the mailboxes are located outside the Mail & Copy Center located in the lower level of the McKenna Student Center (near Student Health Service). For students residing on the Brattle campus, the mail boxes are located in Lawrence Hall (on the first floor). Mail for individual students may be dropped at the Mail & Copy Center. Resident students will receive a new mailbox and lock combination annually at the start of the academic year. Resident students receive their mailbox combinations from the residence hall staff during check-in at the beginning of each semester. Because administrative offices send students information through the intercampus mail system, it is imperative that all resident students check their campus mailboxes daily. Students who need accommodations to access mailboxes should contact Disability Services.

Mail sent through the United States Postal Service to resident students should be addressed as follows:
Student Name
Lesley University
38 Mellen St. + Box #
Cambridge, MA 02138

As a courtesy, the University will accept Express Mail, Special Delivery, Certified, Registered or Insured Mail only at the University Mail Copy Center. Students will be notified through e-mail upon its arrival. If you are expecting this type of mail, you may check with the mailroom after 1:00 p.m. on the day it is due to arrive. The University will not accept responsibility for the loss or damage of this mail.

Comments, complaints, questions and/or suggestions about student mail policies and the operation of the Mail & Copy Center, should be directed to the Director of Campus Services.

All policies pertaining to student mail are established and supervised by the Office of Residence Life with CW Services Office and not by any outside mail distribution service.

E-mail notification (Lesley e-mail only) will be sent out when there is a package for students. Due to IT security compliance, students must change their e-mail password every semester. If students forward their Lesley e-mail account to another e-mail account, the student must comply with this rule. If they do not, e-mail notification will be disturbed.

Packages will be held for pick up at the Mail & Copy Center. Package Hours of Operations are Monday-Friday from 8AM-6PM. There is no SATURDAY delivery. Be prepared to present your Lesley ID card when picking up a package.

*NOTE – if student cannot pick up their package during those times, there are overnight package boxes to accommodate their schedule. Student MUST e-mail the mailroom at mailroom@lesley.edu to request this service. Once the request is made, the mailroom staff will place a number key for that specific overnight package box. Please give 2-3 business days for this request. Size limitation applies.

*NOTE – if there is an urgent package please notify the mailroom in advance. For example: medical reason or it needs to be refrigerated. If for medical purposes, please notify Student Health Service as well.

Students who leave campus for any reason during the academic year must e-mail mailroom@lesley.edu with their current address. The U.S. Post Office does not forward University addressed mail.

Procedures for Mailbox Delivery
Any class, club or organization may place announcements or memos in the student mailboxes by following these procedures:
  1. Notices properly addressed with student’s name, graduation year, and mailbox number may be deposited in the mail collection box in the Mail & Copy Center.
  2. Memos for all students or bulk mailings (e.g., to all members of a particular class) must be brought to the Mail & Copy Center.
  3. Only Mailroom staff members and assigned work-study students may be in the Mail & Copy Center when mail is being distributed.
The student mail clerk’s first responsibility is to distribute the U.S. Postal Service mail. When there is an abundance of U.S. mail, the clerk may not be able to do any additional distribution. Allow at least three days for notices to be delivered.

Hours of operation: Monday through Friday, 8:00 am - 6:00 pm.
Location: McKenna Student Center, Lower Level (near Student Health Service)

The Mail & Copy Center is equipped with state of the art TOSHIBA + Xerox copy equipment for high speed, high quality black and white and full color copies. In addition to the Center, numerous TOSHIBA multi-function machines exist on campus at office and public service locations. CW Services is responsible for maintaining these machines. If you have a problem with a machine in your area, contact the Copy Center directly by e-mail to document@lesley.edu.

The Mail & Copy Center at Lesley University only accepts the Lesley Card "CashLynx" payment option for Lesley students, faculty and staff on all Copy Center Services. This service is now open to students who can use their CashLynx access cards to purchase copies and professionally finished documents.

  • Black and White Printing/ Copying
  • Color Printing/Copying
  • GBC Comb Binding and Tape Binding
  • 3 Hole punching/ stapling
  • Cutting and Folding
  • Large Format Posters and Mounting
  • Scan to Email
  • Fax sending now available - $1.00/page
  • Full Service Shipping now available
  • Purchase stamps and envelopes for letters
  • Free FedEx shipping supply’s for packages (limited quantity per person)
Copy Center Retail Pricing – Lesley Card CashLynx Accounts
Product Description Price Per - INCLUDES PAPER

8 ½ x 11 20lb copies / duplex prints (2-sides):  8 cents for 2-sides
8 ½ x 11 20lb copies / single sided prints:  6 cents
8 ½ x 14 20lb copies:   6 cents
11x17 B&W copies:  15 cents
Color 8.5x11 (letter) Copies:   30 cents
Color 8.5x14 (legal) Copies:   35 cents
Color 11x17 Copies:  65 cents
Other Copy Center Services
Scan to PDF:   10 cents/page
Tabs (Alpha / Numeric):   30 cents/tab + cost of printing
Binds (GBC) $2.50; Binds (Tape):  $1.75/bind
Oversize B&W -up to 36” wide any manageable length:  $1.50 Sq. Ft.
Semi-gloss color Large Format print:  $13.00 Sq. Ft
Banner color large format print:  $15.00 Sq. Ft.
Mounting:   $5.75 Sq. Ft.
Fax:  $1.00/page
***Prices subject to change