2019-2020 Graduate Academic Catalog

Course Waivers

When a student has successfully completed a course at another regionally accredited institution that is substantially the same as a required course in a degree or certificate program at Lesley University, a waiver may be granted. A waiver for coursework at the graduate level must be graded a “B” or better. At the undergraduate level, coursework must be graded a “C” or better. C.A.G.S., Master’s, and Bachelor’s waiver requests from non-accredited colleges and universities (including international schools) are not accepted. Graduate-level coursework must not be more than seven (7) years old at the time of graduation.

In some programs, professional experience may be applicable for course waiver approval. Students should discuss this possibility with their academic advisor. Applications for course waiver must be approved and signed by the student’s advisor, the school dean or designee, and the registrar designee. The school maintains the right to determine whether the coursework or professional experience is appropriate. Approval of the course waiver does not reduce the total number of credits required for the awarding of a degree or certificate, but allows the student, in consultation with an advisor, to select another approved course for the same number of credits that may then be taken in lieu of the waived course.

Courses waived within non-degree licensure programs may reduce the total number of credits required for completion of the licensure requirements.

Students who wish to request a waiver of a course must discuss this possibility with their academic advisor. Students should complete the waiver form in consultation with their advisor once accepted into a degree or licensure program, or at the time of the first meeting with their advisor. At that time, a complete program can be planned. Waiver procedures must be completed prior to the beginning of the final semester before anticipated graduation.

Waiver forms are available online from the Office of the University Registrar.