2019-2020 Graduate Academic Catalog


An official Lesley transcript is a record of all coursework a student has taken at Lesley (including the Lesley University College of Art and Design), including any transfer of credit, waiver, and portfolio credit awarded. Dates of attendance, academic program, and conferral date (if any) are included. Actions such as leave of absence, withdrawal, reinstatement, and academic probation are also recorded on a student's transcript. Transcripts are maintained in separate files for all past and present students. Transcripts of students' records are official only when they bear the Lesley University seal and the Registrar's signature. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, protecting student record confidentiality, requires written permission to release information.

A Requirements Completed Transcript is an official transcript that includes the completion date of the student's program requirements (generally the date the final grade for the program was received by the Office of the University Registrar), and the anticipated conferral date of the student's degree. This type of transcript is offered so students can prove they have completed their program prior to degree conferral (graduation). It is often used (for example) by teachers, who may receive a pay raise upon completion of their Master's degree requirements, or by undergraduate students applying for initial educator licensure. Students must file a Declaration of Intent to Graduate before a Requirements Completed Transcript will be processed.

For more information on Lesley University's transcript policy and how to request a transcript, see the Transcript request web page at lesley.edu/transcripts.