2019-2020 Graduate Academic Catalog

Bachelor's Degree Waiver for MFA Program

Bachelor’s Degree Waiver for Master of Fine Arts Program

On occasion, an outstanding individual who does not formally hold a Bachelor’s degree may be considered for admission to studies leading to a Master of Fine Art degree. These applicants fall into two categories:

  • Candidates who have successfully completed the equivalent number of courses for an undergraduate degree (at least 60 semester credits, or 72 credits for financial aid consideration) from regionally accredited colleges and universities, but have not been awarded a formal undergraduate degree. Such a person must be distinguished by outstanding professional performance or scholarly pursuits in areas appropriate to the field of proposed graduate study. 
  • Candidates who have achieved the equivalent of an undergraduate degree through a combination of coursework at regionally accredited colleges or universities and documented life experiences in liberal arts or professional fields. In such cases, the student’s application must include supporting documentation that justifies Bachelor’s degree equivalency. 

An applicant who does not hold a Bachelor’s degree must apply for acceptance through the Bachelor’s degree waiver procedure. 

Documentation must include one or more of the following: 

  • Official transcripts from institutions of higher learning in the United States and abroad; 
  • Official college level examination program (CLEP) test results; 
  • Projects or portfolios of materials and descriptions of professional experiences confirmed in writing by a supervisor or responsible observer of the applicant’s performance. 

The Bachelor’s waiver committee evaluation and decision process take approximately two (2) months from the time all materials are received. After the final review is completed, the applicant will be notified of approval or disapproval of the waiver application. Applicants not eligible for the Bachelor’s degree waiver may enroll in the adult Bachelor’s degree program to complete the necessary requirements.

Students who apply for the waiver should be aware that the waiver procedure will not result in the awarding of a Bachelor’s degree. It is important to note that some doctoral programs, licenses for professional certifications, and other professional activities may require a Bachelor’s degree.

If the Bachelor’s degree waiver is approved, an applicant’s admission materials for a Master of Fine Arts degree program will be reviewed. It should be noted that the Bachelor’s degree waiver application and the Master of Fine Arts degree application are concurrent processes. However, acceptance into a Master of Fine Arts degree program cannot be given until the Bachelor’s waiver has been approved.