2019-2020 Graduate Academic Catalog

GCOUN 7712 Clinical Practice and Supervision I: School Setting

The first semester of a yearlong supervision seminar focusing on the integration of theory and practice. Taken while students are engaging in their school practicum/internship; 600 hours (minimum) of field experience required. Students are required to do case presentations reflecting on psychodiagnostics, treatment planning, sociocultural context, transference/ countertransference, and referrals.




GCOUN 6200, GCOUN 6026, GCOUN 6027, GCOUN 6202 or GCOUN 6300, GCOUN 6007 or GCOUN 6102, and GCOUN 6030 and/or concurrent with GCOUN 6201.


Audio or videotaping of casework is required. Restricted to Counseling and Psychology Master's degree and C.A.G.S. candidates approved for field training.