2019-2020 Graduate Academic Catalog

EECLD 6001 Culturally Responsive Teaching

This course establishes the exploration of culture, equity, and access as the foundation for effective family and community engagement in education. The course aims to support teachers as they create meaningful and responsive teaching and learning for culturally and linguistically diverse students. A critical theoretical lens is used to explore the teacher, school, and family partnership within a larger school, community, and societal context.  Sociopolitical and historical perspectives are used to examine the civil rights and educational needs of students and families, and the ways that prejudice, culture, language diversity, and socioeconomic factors influence academic success, or lack of it, within the current system and under the current policies. Historical case studies and exploration of contemporary issues in equity and achievement are used to deepen understanding of the impact of culture on learning and school achievement for under-represented groups in the United States. This knowledge is used in planning and cultivating culturally responsive instruction and communication with families and communities.