2019-2020 Graduate Academic Catalog

EEDUC 5219 Transforming Mathematics Teaching through Content Coaching

Do you know how to use coaching to create a robust adult learning community in your school? Would you like to influence more teachers to teach mathematics in engaging and powerful ways? Content coaching is a powerful, research-based, and effective model of coaching designed to transform school culture and enhance student learning. This three-day content coaching course with follow-up virtual coaching sessions is designed for teacher leaders, coaches, and math specialists, along with their partnering administrators or building evaluators. Content coaching is a proven, research-based, model of coaching. Whether you have practiced cognitive coaching or instructional coaching or have not had any training as a coach, content coaching will increase your capacity to coach teachers in ways that result in significant improvement in both instruction and student learning. This course will help you and your team develop a school-wide culture for mathematics coaching to ultimately result in increased student academic achievement.