2019-2020 Graduate Academic Catalog

GCRWT 6002 Interdisciplinary Studies I

Lesley's interdisciplinary approach constitutes a three-fold recognition: that the borders between artistic genres have become ever more porous; that contemporary writers must be alert to new models of career preparation; and, perhaps most importantly, that along with avid reading and writing, there are always other passions that feed a writer's imagination. In consultation with the Assistant Coordinator, students design individual, 3-credit interdisciplinary projects for the first three of their four distance-learning semesters. Examples include: publishing and editing internships at magazines and publishing houses; independent studies in interviewing, reviewing, magazine writing, copy editing, translation, word & image, and writing the ten-minute play; research for writing projects; courses in art, literature, and the teaching of writing; taking graduate courses at Lesley; teaching assistantships. The Interdisciplinary Studies credits are meant to support the students' writing, or to enable them to develop new writing-related skills and experiences. The central purpose of the interdisciplinary project, however, is simple and singular: it should feed students' creative writing or aspirations to be working writers when they graduate.