2019-2020 Graduate Academic Catalog

IAHIS 5900 Alternating Currents: Experimental Film

This is an inter-disciplinary course that invites students to engage with film and video made by directors and artists working outside and in opposition to the established norms or conditions of mainstream film culture. Experimental cinema has been associated with avant-garde, non-linear, poetic filmmaking and embraces works by artists (Leger, Ray, Cornell, Paik, Schnabel), auteur-directors (Deren, Snow, Hutton, Berliner), and videographers (Tanaka, Viola, Nehshat). We will explore the diverse genres of avant garde, compare modern and postmodern approaches, and consider new directions and innovations. Combining theory and practice, classes are structured to include presentations, screenings, and workshops. Students are offered the option of an emphasis in Production of Videos/Films or Critical Thinking/Writing on Artist's Works.