2019-2020 Graduate Academic Catalog

Graduate Certificates


Students enrolled in the certificate program may be taking courses with students pursuing Master's degree programs within the University. Students in the certificate program are not eligible to take some of the courses that are limited to degree candidates.


Lesley University, Cambridge, Massachusetts. For directions and a campus map, please visit https:/lesley.edu/about/location-transportation.


Current Lesley University students pursuing Master's degrees in Counseling Psychology or Expressive Therapies need to be accepted into the certificate program. Admissions requirements for all students include an interview by a Division Director, a letter of recommendation from a current clinical employment site, a 1-2 page personal statement describing the relevance of this certificate to your professional goals, and submission of a transcript demonstrating at least a 3.0 graduate GPA and appropriate clinical training. Normally applicants meet the educational requirements for the Mental Health Counselor License or equivalent.

For more information or to apply, contact:

Lesley University

Office of Admissions for Graduate Programs

29 Everett Street

Cambridge, MA 02138


F: 617.349.8313

E: info@lesley.edu