2019-2020 Graduate Academic Catalog

Accelerated M.Ed. in Teacher of Visual Art (5-12) 45 credits

Part of a Dual Degree Program for College of Art and Design Bachelor of Fine Arts Students

This program of study has been approved by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education for Initial License in Teacher of Visual Art (5-12) in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

This innovative program is part of a dual degree program that can be completed in five and a half years. Students prepare to become highly capable artists working successfully as licensed visual art teachers in schools and other settings. Undergraduate students can apply by early spring of their sophomore year, and can complete 12 credits of graduate level coursework during their junior and senior years. The Master's degree portion of the program is flexible and may be completed part time, if desired.

As early in the program as possible, and prior to the practicum, students must complete a 75-hour early field experience in a classroom appropriate to the license sought. In some cases, recent appropriate classroom experience may be used to document this requirement. (This is not a credit-bearing course, and there are no fees required.)

Program of Study

Courses may have prerequisites for registration; please check course descriptions before registering.

Required Courses (39 credits):

In this program, EARED 6002 must be taken for 2 credits.

All of the following courses, except EARED 7706, and IFINE (graduate-level studio art courses), must be completed prior to EARED 7704, and many courses include field-based assignments.

EARED 6112Principles and Practices of Art Education (5-12)


EARED 6110Arts and Education: History and Philosophy


IFINEGraduate-level studio art courses for a total of 6 credits (selected in consultation with faculty advisor)


EARED 6113Teaching the Fundamental Elements of Visual Art


EARED 5018Arts and Human Development


EARTS 6393Interactive New Media


EARED 6002Integrated Arts Strategies for Inclusive Settings


EARED 6003Equity, Access, and Inclusion through Arts Based Inquiry


IAHISGraduate-level art history course (selected in consultation with faculty advisor)


EARED 6114Rites and Rituals: Assessment in Art Education


EECLD 6116Sheltered English Instruction (5-12)


EARED 7706Seminar in Teacher Inquiry for Art Educators (5-12)


IFINE graduate-level studio art courses require a prerequisite of the equivalent of 18 credit hours or more of undergraduate studio art work.

EARED 6112 includes a weekly pre-practicum visit to a field site.

EARED 6112, EARED 6110, EARTS 6393, and EARED 6003 are taken in the junior or senior year of undergraduate study

Practicum (6 credits):

Practicum prerequisites: Successful completion of a 75-hour early field experience and required pre-practicum courses; satisfactory completion of appropriate Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL) requirements. This full-time, full-semester experience is accompanied by a weekly seminar and requires a field experience fee.

EARED 7704Practicum and Seminar in Art Education (5-12)