2019-2020 Graduate Academic Catalog

Introduction to the Graduate School of Education

Throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and beyond, Lesley has long been identified with the field of education. The professional contributions of its graduates and faculty continue to have a profound impact on the lives and futures of children and adults, from urban schools to rural and suburban school districts, in human service agencies, and in universities. Today, committed women and men are engaged in graduate study at Lesley that supports their professional goals.

The Graduate School of Education offers its students a superior education through challenging coursework, experiential exploration, arts, interdisciplinary connections, classroom-based reflection, research, and clinical experiences that model a strong commitment to and belief in cultural pluralism, inclusive communities, and the integration of technology and the arts in education. These experiences inspire graduates to take leadership roles in helping to initiate reform in their schools and communities, and to contribute to the restructuring of education for future generations.

The education faculty, in their various roles as teacher-mentors, facilitators, researchers, consultants, writers, conference speakers, and members of educational boards and commissions, are the primary force in setting the high academic standards and visionary goals of the Graduate School of Education.