2019-2020 Graduate Academic Catalog

Off-Campus Registration

Off-campus course registration for the first course in a cohort sequence is often conducted prior to the first class meeting at an orientation event, but may be completed on the first night of the class. At that time, students also sign an automatic registration agreement authorizing the university to automatically enroll them in the remaining courses in their cohort sequence.

Notification of tuition bills are emailed to your Lesley email address requesting that you log into the Student Account Center (SAC) at lesley.afford.com. Your tuition and fee charges can be paid online with an American Express, Discover, MasterCard or VISA credit card.  Payments made by credit card and debit card are subject to a 2.5% convenience fee.  Check and ACH payments can be made online with no additional fee.  Checks mailed to the University should be made payable to Lesley University and include the student's full name and Lesley ID number to ensure proper applications to the student's account.  It is the student's responsibility to ensure payments are credited to their student account by the payment due date for each semester. Please allow at least ten business days for payments mailed to the University to avoid late payment fees. 

Questions regarding off-campus registration should be directed to the Office of the University Registrar. Lesley's policy does not permit retroactive registration. At off-campus sites, only students approved for the group are allowed to register for courses. Any exceptions require the approval of the student’s program advisor. Students enrolled in off-campus programs who wish to enroll in an on-campus course should consult with and obtain approval from their advisor(s).

Please note: Off-campus students taking on-campus courses are charged the on-campus per-credit tuition rate.

Withdrawing from a Course

Students who drop or withdraw from courses are granted refunds according to the refund policy outlined on the Student Accounts Office website at lesley.edu/students/financial-aid-bills-payments/access-electronic-accounts. The refund policy can also be found under the "Leave of Absence/Withdrawal" section of this catalog. Please note that students withdrawing from courses must notify the Office of the University Registrar by completing an add/drop form or by email at registrar@lesley.edu. Off-campus students who withdraw from a course after its first week will receive a "W" grade on their transcript. Students may not withdraw from an off-campus course during the last three weeks of the term. Failure to drop in a timely manner may result in the course being included on the student's official transcript. Non-attendance does not constitute an official drop/withdrawal; students will be held responsible for all related tuition and fees.

Course Schedules

Off-campus Schedule of Courses are posted on myLesley and reflect the course dates as well as the classroom meeting dates.  Schedules are updated and posted as needed to reflect new faculty assignments and/or any schedule changes.  Students in off-campus cohorts are automatically registered for upcoming courses on specific dates throughout the year. See the off-campus and online academic calendars for these dates. It is the student's responsibility to frequently check their myLesley schedules for any changes, and to withdraw from any course prior to the start date.