2019-2020 Graduate Academic Catalog

Requirements Completed Transcript


For salary increments and other purposes, a student may require confirmation of the completion of a degree program in advance of the official conferral date. In these cases, a Requirements Completed Transcript is an option. To order this type of transcript, see “Transcript Requests”, lesley.edu/transcripts.

Students requesting these types of transcripts must also file a Declaration of Intent to Graduate Form via LOIS at www.lesley.edu/lois. Following review of the academic record, and provided all documentation has been received and all degree requirements met, an official transcript will be released which includes the following statement: “Requirements completed as of (date of completion); degree will be conferred on (date of conferral).” This statement serves as the official confirmation of completion prior to the next conferral date. Requirements Completed Transcripts are accepted by the Massachusetts Department of Teacher Certification and by many other state departments of education and school districts.

All academic documentation and grades pertaining to a student’s degree program must be received and recorded by the Office of the University Registrar before a Requirements Completed Transcript may be released.