2019-2020 Graduate Academic Catalog

Tuition Payment Statement (IRS Form 1098-T)

The federal government requires all colleges and universities to provide students with a yearly statement of payments made toward eligible tuition and fees required for enrollment and attendance. Eligible tuition and fees are “tuition for credit-based courses and mandatory fees”. Not included are student health insurance fees, room and board expenses, and non-credit university fees. Educational tax credits may be available to students who meet eligibility requirements. Check with a tax professional regarding your eligibility. More information is available at irs.gov/individuals/students.

Each October, in compliance with IRS regulations, Lesley University will contact all students who have not provided a social security number to the university.

It is the student’s responsibility to provide your full legal name and social security number, phone number and email address so the above information can be mailed to you in January of each year. You must ensure that you have an updated billing address. Students can change their address via their LOIS account at lesley.edu/lois. You may view your 1098-T information at www.tsc1098T.com.