2019-2020 Student Handbook

Office of the University Registrar

University Hall, 1815 Massachusetts Avenue, 3rd Floor

617.349.8717 Fax



Adrianne Zonderman, University Registrar
William Ramsay, Associate Registrar for Records

The Office of the University Registrar provides services related to student course registration and records. This office processes and records course registrations, grades, graduation audits, official transcripts, and “Requirements Completed Transcripts,” as well as supports web registration and web grading. The Office of the University Registrar maintains permanent academic student records for both currently enrolled and past attendees of Lesley University. Other services provided by the office include enrollment verification and records maintenance, including: leave of absence, withdrawal, program change, and name/address change requests.

Hours of Operation

Monday–Friday*: 11:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

*Except during semester-based Add/Drop periods, when our office hours are: Monday–Friday 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

Lesley’s Online Information Service (LOIS)


LOIS is a secure online service designed to provide students with access to their Lesley University administrative and program information day and night via the web. LOIS provides current students and applicants access to a select set of inquiry functions.

Examples of LOIS services include:

Register for Sections: Search and register for campus based or online classes during the scheduled WebReg period listed on the academic calendars.

Class Schedule: Display schedule by semester or term, including dates, times, rooms, etc.

Personal and Academic Profile: Displays address information, advisor name and contact information, and program of study.

Chosen Name Entry: Defined as the name that you choose other than your legal name, to better reflect how you wish to identify.

Grades: View grades and grade point average by semester; request an official grade mailer.

Transcripts: View an unofficial transcript online or request an official transcript to be sent to the recipient(s) of your choice.

Check Holds: Find out if you have a financial (student account, library, or parking) hold on your account before registering. My Documents: Find out what application materials the Admissions and Financial Aid Offices have received.

Financial Aid: View financial aid status and award letters.

Test Summary: Review scores for admissions and placement tests.

Declaration of Intent to Graduate: File application for graduation; update diploma name and mailing address.

Commencement RSVP: Notify the Commencement Office of participation in the May ceremony.

User Account: View username or reset password.

Program Evaluation (Degree Audit): An automated evaluation tool that generates a report reflecting a student’s academic progress toward the completion of a degree. The report places the student’s course work within a series of requirements and sub-requirements for a specific degree program.

Current Course Information: Check the availability of courses by semester or term in “real-time” before registering. The feature displays the courses, room locations, faculty, availability, capacity, etc. for course sections matching the criteria chosen. No login required for this feature.

Important Note: LOIS Accounts are created on a rolling basis after receipt of an application or course registration. Students will receive notification including username, temporary password and instructions for getting started. For help with LOIS, please call the LOIS support line at 617.349.8600 or 800.999.1959 x8600, or send an email to lois@lesley.edu.

Access Your Student’s Info: Link to the self-service Parent Portal (https://www.lesley.edu/registrar/parent-portal) where your parent(s) or guardian(s) may view your academic account information (if you choose to grant access). You may select the level of access you wish to provide in the “Parent/Guardian Access” section of the “Students” menu.

Address Changes

It is each student's responsibility to notify the Registrar's Office of any change of name or address, so we can reach each registered student. You can notify them in the following ways:

Name Changes

All name changes must be requested in a paper letter or on the Change of Name and Address form (https://www.lesley.edu/registrar/forms). Email requests are not accepted. A name change request must be accompanied by legal documentation, such as a court order or marriage license. The name change will be reflected on the student record, and a reference to the former name will be maintained for search purposes only.

Note: Lesley University requires your legal name to be used on academic records and other official University documents.

Transcript Requests

Students wishing to have copies of their Lesley University transcripts released to themselves or to other parties may order official copies via the National Student Clearinghouse at studentclearinghouse.org or by following the link from Lesley.edu/transcripts. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), protecting student record confidentiality, requires written permission to release this information. Telephone or email requests are not accepted.

Pricing and delivery options are also available at Lesley.edu/transcripts. There is no charge for unofficial transcripts. Transcripts are not released for students having financial indebtedness to the university, including fines for overdue library materials or outstanding parking fines.

Course Descriptions Requests

Students needing copies of Lesley course descriptions may submit a written request to the Office of the University Registrar including the course number(s), title(s), and the semester/year the course(s) was taken or submit the request via the National Student Clearinghouse when ordering a transcript. Please allow 3–5 business days, plus mailing time, for processing.