2019-2020 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

CCFYE 1100 Lesley University Core Interdisciplinary (LUCID) Seminar

How do we face uncertainty and risk in times of conflict or transition, or even in our daily lives? A cross-university faculty team leads students in a dynamic, interdisciplinary seminar, introducing students to various theoretical notions of courage, while considering real and fictional individuals struggling with risk and uncertainty. Students will develop critical thinking, communication, and creative problem-solving skills, and will work with peers to create a lasting community of learners. By exploring a variety of sources - from classic to contemporary works, short fiction, poetry, plays, visual 'texts,' live events and field trips - students will analyze how different liberal arts disciplines examine the world. Students will construct their own definitions of courage, contemplating whether or how one may be taught courage, and how to best make an impact at the local and global levels.




Offered Fall semester.