2019-2020 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

CCRWT 3300 Autobiographical Writing

This workshop is designed to allow burgeoning writers to explore their lives through autobiographical writing across three major genres: Fiction, non-fiction and poetry. As such, students will be expected to explore the wealth and depth of their unique experience in order to craft works of writing both in and between the three modes. In our individual processes, we will develop strategies of composition and revision that extend, deepen, question and meditate on the authors' real and made autobiographical identities. Extensive reading models across genres intended to guide the students through various nodes and strategies of autobiographic writing will support student writing. The aim of the class is to put together a portfolio of writing that will serve as a sort of photo album of a life.




At least one 2000-level CCRWT course, one upper division (3000 or 4000) level CLITR or CHUMS course